Lygos Films is a solution-oriented production company based in Istanbul. It works all over Turkey and beyond. We’ve got stakeholders in various countries in Asia and Europe.

Lygos Films gives full production service to international clients, satisfying their most diverse needs.

lygos films team

Latest Works

Our everyday work is presented here, we do what we love,
Case studies, video presentations and photo-shootings below.

Services Steps

we love to find simple solutions to complex challenges.

Budgeting and Scheduling

We provide timely assistance and client compliant budgeting and scheduling

Film Permits

Our team acquires all film permits for all kinds of locations

Location Scouting

Our expert team will get the most exotic and variety of filming locations to suit your requirement


We provide complete assistance in pre-production and ensure client satisfaction.


We have a diverse production team of experienced International and Turkish crew members.


Our in-house team of editors. VFX artists, colorist and animators are there to meet your post-production goals.


Hüseyin Demirel

Founder / Producer

Mehmet Demir Yılmaz

Producer / Director

Ömer Cebeci

Post Production Supervisor / Editor

Pollo De Pimentel

Director / Executive Producer

Fahad Khan

Project Coordinator

Olga Haldiz

Project Supervisor

Sadık Ekşi

Writer / Producer

Han Zhang

Production Assistant