Lygos transforms the all challenging production processes into an enjoyable journey.


Lygos Films is one of the leading production companies of Turkey. It is located in İstanbul city and gives full production service to numerous clients from all over the world for years.
Passion for storytelling, pushing boundaries, mobility, technical superiority, foresight and a big capacity for all creative processes are its obvious properties.
By creating and producing entertaining contents on a wide scale, Lygos Films achieved to gain a prestigious position worldwide today.
It manages all production projects with a great care and with a high-skilled crew.
Lygos Films believes that big dreams can get realized with experienced and powerfull teams, so feeds this spirit for a rooted, steady growth.


Hüseyin Demirel

Founder / Producer

Mehmet Demir Yılmaz

Producer / Director

Ömer Cebeci

Post Production Supervisor / Editor

Olga Haldiz

Project Supervisor

Fahad Khan

Project Coordinator

Ayeshe Zubari

Production Assistant

Nageen Asif

Production Assistant

Karyna Kotiuk

International Relations