Filming In Turkey During Covid-19 (Travel Restrictions, International Film Shooting & Requirements)

Filming In Turkey During Covid-19 is very much easier with the new rules made by the Turkish government. Turkey is known for its vast and boundless treasure of authentic historical settings and unspoiled natural wonder locations for shooting Films, TVC, and Documentaries and this attracts foreign Directors, producers, stakeholders, to shoot their projects in Turkey.

During the pandemic situation. the rules and regulations were changing regarding international travels, Throughout lockdown, Turkey was perhaps the only country in the world that did not enforce restrictions on foreigners visiting the country.

In fact, foreigners were encouraged to visit the country to keep the tourism industry afloat. The state announced that despite the national lockdown on weekends, tourists were exempt from restrictions. The museums and hotels were kept open throughout the year. This has had a huge impact, allowing productions to turn their lenses to Turkey.

After vaccination regularities Turkish government made some decisions regarding the quarantine situation as well so it’s made easy to travel Turkey and do shooting in a comfortable and biosecure environment.  

Fully vaccinated people can come to Visit Turkey and there is no quarantine for them and they must submit a negative PCR test taken no more than 72 hours. A Turkey Health Declaration, also known as a Passenger Locator Form, is a document in which you truthfully declare your health and travel history record. With this precautionary method, Turkey keeps leveling down the infected number of residents and non-residents with COVID-19, which is slowly dropping down and it’s good for filming as well.

For further details on the Covid-19 situation, you can also visit this government website as given below:   Covid situation in Turkey

Filming is underway in Turkey for local and as well as international shoots. Directors, producers, stakeholders, and talent are traveling to select foreign film sets, often with Film permits facilitated by the Turkish Government. last but not least All kinds of shoots are allowed during pandemics for example Studio Shoot, On-location, remote streaming, and etc. 

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