Turkey launches 30% cash rebate for films and TV series

Turkey Introduces 30% cash rebate for International Producers on TV series, feature films and documentaries. Foreign producers will have to pass a points based test to qualify for the cash rebate.

Producers can receive up to 30% rebate based on the budget of the film, TV series or documentary. The foreign production company should have a Turkish co-producer in order to avail the benefits, as only a Turkish Producer, or production company is eligible to apply for the rebate. The eligibility criteria requires the production to pass a points based test with a minimum of 50 out of 100 points.

This incentive is an initiative to encourage production of international content in Turkey, as it will bring attention to Turkish infrastructure, historical sites and create jobs for locals.

Production companies need to spend a minimum of TL6m for feature films, and at least TL1m for documentaries and TV series (per episode) to be able to receive the cash rebate. The rebate will be paid upon the submission of audited documents associated with the production process, along with the rough cut of the project (of which is filmed in Turkey). Additionally, producers and foreign production companies can also apply for Tax returns where they can get up to 18% VAT refund of their expenses in Turkey related to the film.

For more information regarding the eligibility of the 30% cash rebate incentive on your projects,you can contact our producers for a consultation as well as for queries that you may have.